Greenspan was recently on Meet the Press discussing the national debt. The US will never default on there debt because they can always “print more money”. Yes and the federal reserve will charge us interest on the money that is printed as well. Does anyone bother asking, To whom do we owe this national debt? Most of it is to the Federal Reserve Banksters. The creator is always in control of that which he created. How did we loose our control over Government? Our birth certificates are bank notes. Look at the bottom left corner on your long form birth certificate. (not the short form) My daughter was born in California and hers says Mid West Bank Note Company. When I typed her ID number (in red) into my Interactive Brokers trading platform her bond came up: Pimco Alliance Real Income Fund. Topics: The National Debt (to whom do we owe?) Our Constitution, the founding fathers and the US free from the money manipulators The creation of the Federal Reserve System (Not federal nor is there a reserve) Alexander Hamilton and the Central Bank Charters Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea what DID they have in common (No Usury) Andrew Jackson / No US debt (the only time) Lincoln and the Greenback currency Kennedy and Executive order 11110 The Act of 1871 (The United States is a corporation) The Illuminati and secret societies The Great Depression The US Bankruptcy of 1933 Derivatives and the foreclosure crisis The Social Security Act The STRAWMAN (Why are all of your government documents in all capital letters?) Petro Dollars (The coming dollar crash) 911, The Reichstag, Lusitania, Bay of Tonkin… False flag operations? Your birth Certificate and the stock market, what do they have in common? Removal of the Gold Standard ($ and $ do you know the difference?) HAARP, Chemtrails and so much more….. Inspiracy Truth Radio Show
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